What Does it Mean to be Educated in the 21st Century?

What It Means To Be An Educated Person In The 21st Century?

Kidinnu Academy believes an educated person in the 21st Century must possess the following skills and attributes, and will support student learning to achieve high levels of:

Academic Proficiency: the academic understanding of concepts that include the scope of state and national standards in the major subject areas.

Communication Skills: the ability to communicate ideas effectively through reading, writing, and speaking in more than one language.

Research Skills: the aptitude to access, process, manage, interpret, question, validate, and act upon information.

Technological Proficiency: the knowledge of the software and hardware required to research and present information in a variety of media.

Interpersonal Skills: the social skills necessary to cooperate, make group decisions, resolve conflicts, and identify group roles in order to work effectively as a team.

Intrapersonal Skills: the ability to be aware of one’s own learning, reflect upon personal strengths/weaknesses, and identify and execute the steps necessary to achieve growth.

Critical and Innovative Thinking: the ability to analyze information and the ingenuity to creatively solve problems, make connections, and construct interdisciplinary combinations.

Tolerance: the willingness to understand and respect cultural differences in perspectives, beliefs, values and traditions.

Curiosity: the capacity to recognize personal inquiries and identify individualized learning goals accordingly.