Kidinnu Academy’s faculty and staff consists of highly-intellectual, trained, and well-rounded individuals who encompass mass experience of instructional teaching and children development. All of our teachers meet the necessary requirements and certifications, as required by the State of California.

Executive Director & Principal

Christin Barkas
Christin BarkasExecutive Director & Principal


Kristin Rothwell
Kristin RothwellOffice Manager
Wasan Albartolee
Wasan AlbartoleeSecretary


Cari Doseburg
Cari DoseburgTransition Kindergarten Teacher
Taylor Sarbacker
Taylor SarbackerKindergarten Teacher
Katie Evans
Katie EvansKindergarten Teacher
Rebecca Gonter
Rebecca Gonter1st Grade Teacher
Madelynn DeMars
Madelynn DeMars1st Grade Teacher
Shannon Boseneiler
Shannon Boseneiler2nd Grade Teacher
Courtney Moulton
Courtney Moulton2nd Grade Teacher
Cassidy Smith
Cassidy Smith3rd Grade Teacher
Quincee Ducos
Quincee Ducos4th Grade Teacher
Hailey Eick
Hailey Eick5th Grade Teacher